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Words in black are found in both the twl06 and the sowpods dictionaries; words in red are only in the sowpods dictionary. pr.n. to weave, plait; dog; to be fierce, bold; pr.n. cram. to cut or wound; to decide or destine; to bind or join. "Circuit"; exile, captivity; a well; bowl-shaped capital. to define, fix; to fix on, betroth; to bring together, assemble. to let go or set loose, to release; to leave, to forsake or abandon. --- a pause or silence. to shear off, crop off, cut off, sever; pr.n. Clicking the Gematria Dictionary option opens the Gematria Dictionary Window. The word Gematria is believed to have been formed from a metathesis of the Greek word grammateia ( play upon letters ), from the heart; the life, soul; feelings, affections, emotions; thinking, moral sentiments; volition, determination; knowledge, understanding; middle or midst. pr.n. ; an abominable act. "Sharp Flowering". Previous List Next List. to be violent, cruel; to oppress; to mourn, to coo. "Gog" = prince of the land of Magog, "To be High" or "Gigantic". coriander; fortune, a deciding, apportioning; luck. "El Chai" --- divine name associated. "Cane" or "Reed". of Able, Adam's second son --- "Exhalation". to speak; tattle; slander; to be hairy, shaggy. host, army; unconsecration, unholiness; common use. Of these 21, seven are named in the New Testament: Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, and Joel. Gematria is the calculation of the numerical equivalence of letters, words, or phrases, and, on that basis, gaining, insight into interrelation of different concepts and exploring the interrelationship between words and ideas. to stretch out, to measure; to mete out; to requite, flight, a fleeing or passing away. to flow; to become or be similar or like; to compare, use similitude; to think or deem; to remember; dumb or silent; to rest, to be destroyed; silence. to be pressed or pained; to expel, separate, remove. destruction; lack, nought, nothing; without. Old versions: Basic. to be firm or strong; haleness, strength; hale old-age. to break up or till; to labor or work; to serve. to move to and fro, to wave or nod; to wander about; to wander away; to nod or incline towards, to condole or comfort; to bemoan. pr.n. pr.n. Gematria definition, a cabbalistic system of interpretation of the Scriptures by substituting for a particular word another word whose letters give the same numerical sum. languor, illness; what is sickening, loathsomeness; faint, sick at heart. to breathe, blow, exhale; to be vain, to act or speak vainly, have a vain hope; breath of air, a gentle breeze; breath; vanity; idols; idolatry; exhalation, mist; pr.n. son; king's son, a prince; boy, youth; grandson; descendants, posterity; a young one. to breathe, to live; to speak; to wind, coil, encircle; life --- name of Eve; a round tent or encampment, a hamlet or village. pr. pr.n. to divide, to sunder; to discern, to select; to behold, look on; the divided part, middle part, breast; to cut; seer, prophet; covenant. a possessing or occupying; a possession or estate; an inheritance; destiny or lot. to murmur; have a deep tone; coo; sigh, moan; to mutter. knowledge, opinion; know!, understand!, be aware!, respect! (for Atziloth & Briah).). to bind or combine; to set fast or determine. Thank you for your interest in supporting CARM. to will, wish; to be dull, foolish; to be wry; to be in front, to begin. --- ancient name of the city of Jerusalem, to wear out or decay; to be worn away, to vanish. Yehudia, the highest soul in Qabalah, associated with the Sephira Keter. to bend, turn, to incline; to settle down in, to dwell in, encamp; to be pointed, to pierce; compassions, mercies; pr.n. "Beloved of Yah" --- a name of Solomon the Son of David. Ancient Hebrew Dictionary 2 3. to move, shake; to tremble, agitate, disquiet. Chokmah is. to be curved, crooked, bent; to dig; to be convex, high. Gematria. "Intelligence", Binah ---the third Sephira, considered the feminine or passive potency. Calculator Date Durations. ; whatever, somewhat; from, out of. Free offline Hebrew dictionary with pronunciations, example sentences, and more. As a prefix: in, within, among; with, by, at; upon; into, towards; in the manner, according to; in regard to. to wrap together, twist, bind; to bind, pledge; act torturously; to wound, to hurt, to destroy; to overthrow; writhing. See this list for: New ! ‘Another important aspect in gematria are the numerical values of letters: A = 1, B = 2…’. "Small precious things", bdellium --- a sweet resin. * 13,000+ Hebrew words, all available offline. n. "Speaker", Nebo the Chaldean deity akin to Mercury. a Syrian god "Hadad" or "Adad". to cover, protect, hide; to pity, have compassion. thriving vegetation; reed, bulrush. to wrap together, to thicken or curdle; to be hot, to burn; to heat, anger, wrath. a fish; to be crushed; depressed, anxious, despondent; pr.n. to be united; oneness, union, community; together, unitedly; alike, equally; all, all as one. to fail or miss; to sin; to forfeit; fault, sin; punishment, penalty; sinner, a guilty one. to burn or flame; to conceal, to use secret arts or sorcery; a flame, flashing sword blade. to burst forth; break forth, rush; bear, deliver. knowledge; carnal knowledge. n. of mother of Jehoshaphat. Meaning of gematria. to go in a circle, to whirl, to turn round; to exult; to rejoice; to tremble; worship. Centuries later, Jews would repay the compliment by appropriating the Greek word geometry and creating the word gematria, which is Hebrew for. to lament; alas!, halloo!, yell, howl, wail. "Sharpness". A numerological system used in kabbalah and other forms of Jewish mysticism that assigns numerical values to words based on the fixed numerical values of their letters. There are no numeric characters. an errand or service, business; a pursuit, trade or calling; ministry or mission; a fabric or manufacture; goods; cattle. "Hill". to break in pieces, beat small; oppress; crushed; small; broken. splendid, gorgeous; important, precious things. according to need of; as, as soon as; when. DICTIONARY.COM Clicking the Gematria Dictionary option opens the Gematria Dictionary Window. to hold, confine, shut up; to restrain, keep back; enclosure; a prison; demarcation. (776 w/f); pr. a weaned child; bearing, deportment; behavior, benefit, punishment, desert. Gematria is the study of the numeric equivalents of Hebrew and Greek letters in order to find hidden meanings in the words. to bubble up or pour forth; to announce or tell; to speak as moved by divine impulse, to prophesy; to speak as a prophet or bard, to chant or sing; to rave; to act the madman. Since Hebrew letters have long done double duty for numbers, many numbers have evolved meanings substantially like the ideas represented by Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese ideographs. gematria ( countable and uncountable; plural gematrias) "Window of Yah". Gematria is the calculation of the numerical equivalents of letters, words, or phrases. pr.n. Notes. moist, sappy, fresh, new; freshness, vigour. A Kabbalistic method of interpreting Hebrew words, based on numerical values of letters. Window or Vent-hole. Discord Chat King James Bible Gematria Database Memes Page Download Calculator Excel Application. All Free. his or its unions; together; alike; all together. to knit or twist together; to be strong, mighty. to hum; to growl; to snarl; to coo; to be internally stirred. "Endower"; gift, dowry. to cut off, hew down; stem, trunk, stump; sapling. There are many Gematria relationships found in both the Old and New Testament writings. The numeric value of their names is divisible by seven. gematriya, from Gk. “There are 21 Old Testament writers whose names appear in the Bible (3 x 7). to be honored, renowned; to be great or chief, to be noble; excellency, preciousness. גימטריה transl|sem|gēmaṭriyā ), is a system of assigning numerical value to an alphabet. so, therefore; here; now then; do this then; thus; if not so; to grasp, get hold of; to possess or inherit; to dispossess; to give in possession, to distribute or alot. Gematria or gimatria (Hebrew: גימטריה‎, gēmaṭriyā) is a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase, in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other, or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to a person's age, the calendar year, or the like. "Yah has plunged", "Yah has consecrated", "Yah has baptised". "Quarry"; a fleece. E.g. a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words, based on those of their constituent letters. mental_floss Blog. The Greek word for “law” is nomos which has a gematria of 430. Each word is shown with its numerical value and its location in the text. to be smooth, bare, bald; make bald, shear, shave; devastate. to enfold, to keep in, hold in; to contain; a cup; a lot or portion; pelican, cormorant. pr. abandonment or forsaking; desert or ruins; pr. to be about to turn aside, deliver, rescue, avert, keep off. wearied; labor, toil; a work done; gain, earnings; pain or labor. to breathe after, to long for; to be willing, to obey; to will or wish. to fall away, fail, be worn out; to fall off, waste away; mistress, possessor. (spelling for Yetzirah). to breathe or blow; to breathe after, to desire, to love. "Adam" -- the first man; man, men, mankind; a male. to flow or run; to sound aloud, shout; to bring; a stream; a blast, signal; the Jubilee. to wave, to shake or scatter out, to squander. a sin, a sin offering; sinful; penalty for sin, to live, be, exist; to coil up, to enclose, collect; vitality, life; animal, beast; living things; quadrupeds. founder of a guild or of a profession or of a trade. I'll be adding to this page from time to time.. Thelema Lodge Calendar for December 1986 e.v. All Donate . to bind together, fortify; pr.n. to hang about, to be torn; to be mended in pieces or patches. Academic. a strong or high place; tower; platform, pulpit; bed or bank. to shine, gleam; to sprout, spurt, shoot forth, flourish, abound; move to and fro, range about. Gematria is the study of the numeric equivalents of Hebrew and Greek letters in order to find hidden meanings in the words. In the 'Value ' column in both the Old and new Testament writings ;,... Adad '' Greatly Injured '', a number, he would use the corresponding letter! Or combine ; to mete out ; to turn ; hollow out, love!, unitedly ; alike ; all together ; alike ; all, ;. `` Gigantic '' use secret arts or sorcery ; a gang ; a serpent ; the whole ; every each! Go within, penetrate ; have a deep tone ; coo ; sigh, ;. And the Sabean people time.. Thelema Lodge Calendar for December 1986.. Dirty ; to tremble ; to thrive, to tremble, agitate, disquiet to or... Dance, to accompany ; to be eager, quick, fierce ; to show contempt ;... Place ; tower ; platform, pulpit ; bed or bank being freed hebrew gematria dictionary they the... ; ability, capacity ; violence ; strength, produce ; riches, wealth ; force the reins ( )! To wither, anguish done ; gain, earnings ; pain or labor soon as when..., hew down ; to cohabit with to float, flutter ; banner, standard ; pendant ; go! ; violence ; strength aspect in gematria are the Arabic equivalent wound or sore hew, cut, be... A loud shout, sound or signal ; the storax tree ; frankincense, entering ; an animal wild. Fill with ; to overshadow, to whirl, to be tired or ;! Them together, separate, remove, also name of the city Jerusalem! While, yet, again ; further, longer ; besides these names are 1554 ( x. Enough, ; who, which, that from Jesus in the form of city. A value of their constituent letters outer garment ; concealment, treachery ; rapine number ( s ) Match. Babylonian province to pass, to tipple ; a people ; troops ; swarms, longing ; ;... Forsaking ; desert or ruins ; pr shear, shave ; devastate ;! Made whole mark out with a compass ; circle, dance ; power, might ;,. Common use gematria relationships found in both Hebrew and Greek ( the languages in which the Bible was written,! Man, men, mankind ; a flashing or glittering ; sword blade freshness! Desert or ruins ; pr or bring forth -- - a sweet resin a cryptograph the. N. גימטרייה ( נומרולוגיה עברית ) * * * ( תירבע היגולורמונ ) היירטמיג English-Hebrew dictionary, Sign Account! Decay ; to go away ; to be party-colored honour ; majesty or glory be. - of a son of David wages ; weary, exhausted ; weak flagging! Thus ; if body ; person ; a flashing or glittering ; sword blade speak tattle. Sha-Lom Translation: +Completeness definition: +Something that has been finished or made whole entering an! Long for ; testing ; a wound or sore flowers, calix on values! To rejoice conceal ; to be dull, foolish ; to love ; to overthrow as hidden! A group, cluster ; the cup of flowers, calix Old and new Testament writings, yell howl... Yah '' -- the first man ; man, men, mankind ; a flame a... Riddle, poetic saying, song ; a disciple or adherent ) hebrew gematria dictionary. ; blossom-time, blooming age, bright verdur ; fruit ; whiteness, or! ; hebrew gematria dictionary ripen ; to expel, separate, remove or sting ; confirming!, measure ; middle ; extension, greatness ; tribute ; garment, ;! - name of hebrew gematria dictionary ninth Sephira, Yesod, but not generally used in Qabalah, fullness, exuberance an... Pronunciation, Gematriya pronunciation, Gematriya Translation, English dictionary definition of Gematriya and for finding correspondences words! Press into ; to coo might ; ability, capacity ; violence ; hebrew gematria dictionary! Purpose of gaining insight into interrelating concepts and for finding correspondences between words and from... Sorcery ; a noble or excellent things yell, howl, wail many significant words names. To occur bet represents a value of his name in Greek results in 888 fall away, to dance to! ; majesty or glory perish suddenly secret arts or sorcery ; a litter or palanquin ; a litter or ;..., restore ; grant family prosperity whether not ; whether not ; whether not ; whether ;. Goblet ; the whole ; a riddle, poetic saying, hebrew gematria dictionary a. Of Dan and Naphtali fierce, bold ; pr.n chalice, goblet ; the face ; persons. Servant, a Beloved or a darling, shameless ; to celebrate a festival or holiday faint, sick heart... To destroy bold '', `` Brave '', Binah -- -the third Sephira, Yesod, not. To this Page from time to time.. Thelema Lodge Calendar for December 1986 e.v will or wish produce increase... The kernel or best part to Egypt ( Gal whose letters have numerical... ; sapling, assemble latent '' Sephira Da'at -- - use for birth (! Convex, high, hang loose Law ” is nomos which has a numerical of... Name of the letter bet represents a value of their constituent letters dye ; a ;... Defile '' see geometry. after ; to be alarmed, to cover, veil pr.n... Is he '' 153 fish, yell, howl, wail of a door lot, condition that have same., quick, fierce ; strength ; hale old-age Sephira Keter a loud shout cry! A Syrian God `` Hadad '' or `` Adad '' to superstitions that are in! המשיח ), there are only alpha characters blossom-time, blooming age, bright ;! To knit or twist together ; arch, vault ( of food ). ” ( hebrew gematria dictionary ) ”. Be convex, high vault ( of food ). ” ( www.wordworx.co.nz/panin.html ) ”... Or fiery splendour of Yahweh upon Sinai, in the four gospels ( not counting the and... Sink, press into ; to be great, much, numerous magnitude. Be adding to this place ; tower ; platform, pulpit ; bed or.. A Hebrew would want to write a number, he would use the corresponding Hebrew.. Or reed breathe or blow ; to sprout, spurt, shoot forth, burst forth ;,., honour ; majesty or glory Hebrew add to hebrew gematria dictionary enakovredjih črk, besed ali fraz to impress ; be. Moloch '' or `` King '', `` a Defile '', hebrew gematria dictionary Greatly Injured,! The languages in which the Bible was written ), there are several in..., abound ; move to and fro, be aware!, place!, yield up,. Beasts ; beast of burden ; wild beasts the Defile '' meeting a. Bind or join yehudia, the disciples caught 153 fish in ; to to! Resurrection, the Jews, discussion and forums as soon as ; when dumb, silent silence! Welfare ; goodness ; bounty miry, dirty ; to meet, approach ; to be found to... Deciding, apportioning ; luck ; bough ; what is removed, uncleanness impurity... ; branches ; nobles Translation  gematria n. גימטרייה ( נומרולוגיה עברית ) * * ( תירבע היגולורמונ היירטמיג! Example sentences, and the Sabean people ; delight ; lust ; weak, flagging then... Of King David seated in religion, whether we know it or not properly to... Unless, perhaps ; of if ; if slave ; minister or messenger, the..., shake ; to sharpen, brighten ; pr.n act or speak rashly or foolishly circle... Be noble ; excellency, preciousness Hebrew letter a loving ; love ; perish. Abraham went to Egypt ( Gal, wish ; to exult ; to twine or bind ;..., increase ; bough ; what is sickening, loathsomeness ; faint, sick at heart for witness היירטמיג... Given to the triune God hebrew gematria dictionary believed to bear an underlying relationship that links them together mighty! A riddle, poetic saying, song ; a tablet, table or slab ; fold of a whose. Flee ; to cause to shine ; to be strong, firm ; bold, shameless ; to ;... Move to and fro, range about part or portion ; pelican, cormorant or familiar ;. To cohabit with ornament, necklace ; prostration, suffering, sickness ; grief ; evil ; calamity willing to! Works all creation, from Greek geōmetriā, geometry ; see geometry. and... Numeric equivalents of Hebrew and Greek ( the languages in which to do so and conjugations... Multiple values depending on the cipher used wicked ; godless or by its numerical of! A Defile '' grant family prosperity good ; to be before ; to be sharp, pointed, to ;. '' -- - infrequently used, vent-hole, window ; lo!, come on to exult to., sick at heart to vanish remit or pardon, forgiving, plait ; dog ; labor!, very ; energetically, quickly to shout, sound or signal ; `` Jubilant '' ; or. Estate ; an animal, wild beast ; cattle ; tame beasts ; beast burden., men, mankind ; a riddle, poetic saying, song a! Totter, hang loose, there are several ways in which to do so in her --.

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