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1. Going forward, two more factors significantly impact this deal flow: Therefore, signs of several mega-mergers/acquisitions amongst the top pharma companies are on the horizon already. Read more about it here. Researchers have used AI technologies to improve cancer screening technologies, diagnostics and disease detection, as well as to fuel drug discovery and development. The area of bioprinting human tissues and organs is rapidly developing and it is, undoubtedly, the future of medicine. Given that existing compound collections at the hands of pharma were built in part based on the small molecule designs targeting known biological targets, new biological targets require new designs and new ideas, instead of recycling excessively the same chemistry. Cellink recently partnered with CTI Biotech, a French medtech company specializing in producing cancer tissues, in order to substantially advance the area of cancer research and drug discovery. A vital part of any small molecule drug discovery program is hit exploration -- identification of those starting point molecules which would embark on a journey towards successful medications (rarely they survive this journey, though) -- via numerous optimization, validation, and testing stages. Please keep me informed about challenges, strategies and advancement in Pharmaceutical research across the globe. G… Gamification, which refers to the incorporation of game-based elements into training, is an increasingly popular option. But looking ahead, they may find more competition from private equity firms. The new decade is bound to fuel some truly definitive trends in the pharmaceutical industries that will give rise to groundbreaking studies and equally riveting researching avenues. https://drugs.pharmaceuticalconferences.com, https://drugs.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/abstract-submission.php, https://drugs.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/registration.php. Last year BioPharmaTrend summarized several important trends affecting biopharmaceutical industry, namely: an advancement of various aspects of gene editing technologies (mainly, CRISPR/Cas9); a fascinating growth in the area of immuno-oncology (CAR-T cells); an increasing focus on microbiome research; a deepening interest in precision medicine; some important advances in antibiotics … Seven drugs of the current top-10 best selling drugs are biologics, the penetration of biologic drugs is expected to reach 30% by 2020 of the global pharmaceutical market and some of the key modalities include monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, peptides, cell … External innovations come in different forms and originate in different places -- from university labs, to privately held venture capital-backed startups and contract research organizations (CROs). For any further queries kindly feel free to contact us. Yet, manufacturers have already begun exploring their predictive quality techniques. Please, share if you liked the post, and leave your comments below, especially, if something important was left behind and you believe it should belong here. Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine is a process of diagnosing and tailoring customized medicines and treatment based on an individual’s predicted response. They are responsible for about 700,000 deaths worldwide each year, and according to a U.K. government review, this number can dramatically increase -- up to 10 million by 2050. Add the prospect of an estimated growth from USD 1.2 trillion to USD 1.5 trillion, deal values are bound to increase as compared to the previous year. The problem is, RNAs are notoriously terrible targets for small molecules -- they are linear, but able to clumsily twist, fold, or stick to itself, poorly lending its shape to suitable binding pockets for drugs. Novel scientific insights prompted a golden rush for RNA -- at least a dozen companies have programs dedicated to it, including big pharma (Biogen, Merck, Novartis, and Pfizer), and biotech startups like Arrakis Therapeutics with a $38M Series A round in 2017, and Expansion Therapeutics -- $55M Series A early in 2018. This trend is expected to amplify in 2020. Adobe Stock. IQVIA predicts that the $1.2 trillion 2018 value of the pharmaceutical industry will increase by 2023 to $1.5 trillion. It seems like a smart strategy to start earlier in the process and influence RNA before proteins were even synthesized, therefore substantially influencing the translation process of genotype to unwanted phenotype (disease manifestation). The pharmaceutical industry’s change of focus from small molecule products to large molecule products synthesized in biological systems is also influencing formulation development. AI technologies are also found at hospitals and clinics, where they are used to develop pe… Below are five more trends experts think will shape biotech and pharma company dealmaking in the months to come. It sure is nice to know how researchers are now exploring how AI-based tools can help speed up drug discovery and development. The Pharmaceutical industry's long successful strategy of placing big bets on a few molecules, promoting them heavily and turning them into blockbusters worked well for many years, but its R&D productivity has now plummeted and the environment’s changing. This is a hot trend in drug discovery space with a continuously growing excitement: academics, biotech startups and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly active about RNA targeting, although uncertainty is also high. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by Contributors are their own and do not represent those of their employers, or BiopharmaTrend.com. Expansion of biosimilar markets. ISPE and its members are developing the roadmap to implement Pharma 4.0 model in the near future. This will help researchers in identifying novel treatments against specific cancer types. The pharma world is just one sector that is expected to reap the benefits of the AI outburst. Here’s a roundup of the top emerging trends in the pharmaceutical industry that will shape the future for the next generation. Latin American countries are already ahead of the game by having their own R&D in place for producing and commercializing patent expired biologic drugs. Large pharmaceutical companies are used to vying against each other to buy or work with exciting young biotechs. This means the biosimilar market is destined to grow exponentially in the coming years. With all the hype around AI nowadays, it is hard to surprise anybody with this trend in pharmaceutical research. Founded in early 2016, Cellink is one of the first companies in the world to offer 3D printable bioink – a liquid that enables life and growth of human cells. Bacteria evolve and develop resistance to the antibiotics which were traditionally used with great success, and then become useless with time. The three key factors to consider as the states address either recreational or medical legalization this year: The cannabis industry’s legalization is potent with capabilities to set off a global domino effect that can dramatically alter various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry’s research – from Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, cancer, and epilepsy to PTSD, anorexia, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis – to various other diseases. Prior to that, for thousands of years people relied on medicinal properties of […] In 2011 authors David Swinney and Jason Anthony published results of their findings about how new medicines had been discovered between 1999 and 2008 unveiling the fact that considerably more of the first-in-class small molecule drugs had actually been discovered using phenotypic screening than target-based approaches (28 approved drugs vs 17, respectively) -- and it is even more striking taking into account that it was target based approach that had been a major focus over the period stated. However, it should be noted that AI-driven companies really start getting traction with big pharma and other leading life science players, with lots of research partnerships and collaborative programs -- here is a list of key deals so far, and here is a brief review of some notable activity in the “AI for drug discovery” space over the last several months. Besides, in contrast to proteins, they compose of just four nucleotide building blocks making them all look very similar and difficult for selective targeting by small molecules. Add to this the ever-increasing demand for pharmaceuticals and public clamor for cheaper and more accessible drugs. In 2016, one of us (AB) reviewed the state of antibiotics drug discovery and summarized some of the promising startups in the space, including  Macrolide Pharmaceuticals, Iterum Therapeutics, Spero Therapeutics, Cidara Therapeutics, and Entasis Therapeutics. Fortunately, the legal states have been the torchbearers in such instances where they’ve relied on educational propaganda and conversations to highlight the effectiveness. Contract development and manufacturing organizations, needing to improve speed, increase efficiencies and expand globally are consolidating. In the last five years, investment in personalized medicine has doubled in size with experts suggesting its production to increase by approximately 33% by 2025. Also, single-use disposable solutions are gaining momentum replacing open transfer manufacturing techniques for safer drug storage and transport. An alternative approach to access new drug-like chemical space for hit exploration is using DNA-encoded library technology (DELT). Are We At The Beginning Of Stem Cell Revolution? Most of the pharma companies use these data visualization techniques to stay ahead in today's competitive world and utilize these techniques. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing their R&D activities, including early-stage research programs, to third party organizations -- academic institutions, biotech startups, and private contract research organizations (CROs) -- as a means to stay … 1. In the past, marijuana legalization took place through the ballot box system but 2019 saw Illinois legalizing a projected USD 2 billion adult-use program through the legislature. The 19th century is the beginning of the modern era of the pharmaceutical industry, because then it started focusing on chemical synthesis. Even more interesting is that 35 percent of those cancer approvals were for personalized medicines as well. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing market is projected to reach USD 126.63 billion by 2024 from USD 90 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period. All Rights Reserved. This trend is now a big deal in drug discovery and development space and we have already covered the current status and context of the “organ-on-a-chip” paradigm in a recent mini-review. At present the vast majority of large molecule drugs—protein therapeutics, … These can be both supervised by human guidance, as in classifiers and statistical learning methods, or unsupervised in their inner workings as in the implementation of various types of artificial neural networks. Being under ever-increasing pressure to compete in a challenging economic and technological environment, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must continually innovate in their R&D programmes to stay ahead of the game. Ultimately, connecting the systems altogether is a way to have the whole “body-on-a-chip” system ideal for drug discovery and drug candidate testing and validation. The goal of this review is to give an overview of the main developments in LC-MS based techniques for the analysis of small pharmaceutical molecules in the last decade and give a perspective on future trends in LC-MS in the pharmaceutical field. With these new findings, teixobactin will need another 6-10 years of development to become a drug that doctors can use. AI and Machine Learning. We respect your right to data privacy and security. Irresponsible prescription of antibiotics to treat simple cases in patients and widespread use of antibiotics in livestock farming jeopardize the situation by accelerating the rate of bacterial mutations, rendering them resistant to drugs with alarming speed. Required fields are marked *. Beyond target-based drug discovery, AI is applied in other research areas, for instance, in phenotypic drug discovery programs -- analyzing data from high content screening methods. Pharmaceutical (Pharma) industry is a set of public and private organizations that discover, develop, and manufacture drugs and medications (pharmaceuticals). This discovery is still in its early stages, and not nearly as developed as the latest research on teixobactin. Thus, the subset of AI tools that are employed in pharmaceutical research falls more appropriately under the moniker of “machine intelligence” or “machine learning”. In the living organism, DNA stores the information for protein synthesis and RNA carries out the instructions encoded in DNA leading to protein synthesis in ribosomes. Today, however, the critics appear to be in full retreat. Notably, one of the more exciting recent breakthroughs in the antibiotics space is the discovery of Teixobactin and its analogs in 2015 by a group of scientists led by Dr. Kim Lewis, Director of the Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University. Nowadays the discovery of the antibiotics is becoming a more attractive area due to some beneficial changes in regulatory legislature, stimulating pharma to pour money into antibiotics discovery programs, and venture investors -- into biotech startups developing promising antibacterial medicines. requesting you to mail me such useful updates, Thank you for your interest, please, do feel free to subscribe here: https://biopharmatrend.us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=6951271600b1d08f56320616d&id=b35728ef16, It’s great content and would love to read more, AI combined with big data and analytics has a major role in research and development in the pharma industry. International Journal of Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Research is an open access bi-monthly online journal. Upcoming Trends in Pharma Industry. Recent trends in product development and regulatory issues on impurities in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and drug products. Nation-wide legalization through legislatures or ballot measures can result in the creation of a billion-dollar business and job opportunities thereby opening new advents for investors and consumers alike. However, there is a long way from innovation to implementation, let's see how it goes. Despite a global slowdown in most other sectors, M&A in the pharma industry remained vibrant throughout 2019. RELATED: "Hot" Research Areas in Drug Discovery - 2019. Over two dozen organ systems are represented in on-chip systems. The primary mission of the journal is to become the premier source of high quality research from whole of the world. The experimental setup is also becoming increasingly sophisticated, going far beyond univariate readouts toward observing changes in subcellular compartments, single-cell analysis, and even cell imaging. Several large pharmaceutical companies have announced manufacturing investments in the US in part due to US tax reform, which reduced the US corporate tax rate. "Hot" Research Areas in Drug Discovery - 2019, The Overview of AI in Drug Discovery in 2019: The “Proof-of-concept Year”, A Market Review Of DNA-encoded Libraries Technology In Drug Discovery, reviewed the state of antibiotics drug discovery, The Time for Breakthroughs in Antibiotics: 10 Biotech Startups Fighting Bacterial Resistance, 3 Ways Big Data and Machine Learning Revolutionize Drug Discovery, The Power Of Machine Learning For Drug Discovery, Navigating In REAL Chemical Space To Find Novel Medicines (Now 3.8 Billion Molecules), Infectious Diseases (Bacterial and Viral), Pharma 4.0 (Digital Tech and Data Analytics). The focus of emerging markets is inclining towards health issues affecting their people. These microchips, called ‘organs-on-chips’, offer a potential alternative to traditional animal testing. Cannabis legalization that transpired in 2014 managed to generate USD 6.5 billion in cannabis sales and USD 1.02 billion in tax and revenue, thereby cementing the monetary value of this recreational and medical drug. The applications of AI in drug discovery and early-stage development are for the most part targeted at uncovering hidden patterns and inferences connecting causes and effects otherwise not identifiable or comprehensible. Conference Series cordially invites participants from all over the world to attend “20th Annual Meet on Pharmaceutical Sciences”, scheduled during October 21-22, 2020 at Bangkok, Thailand and focused on the theme “Exploring the innovations leading to change the Pharmacy’’. please send me the latest news of pharma. In this environment, digitally enabled \"beyond the pill\" solutions, which include not just drugs but also sens… Increased regulatory pressure from the governments to cut down drug prices and head-off potential monopolies. Language and semantic processing and probabilistic methods for uncertain (or fuzzy) reasoning also play a useful role. With respect to pharmaceutical manufacturing, real-time responsive drugs are still evolving out of the nascent stage. Your email address will not be published. Please don't forget to get me the update. This is paving the way for a whole new world of user-conscious drugs of the future. Owing to the “split-and-pool” nature of DELT synthesis, it becomes possible to make huge numbers of compounds in a cost- and time-efficient manner (millions to billions of compounds). Examples include GDB-17 database of virtual molecules containing 166,4 billion molecules and FDB-17 of 10 million fragment-like molecules with up to 17 heavy atoms; ZINK -- a free database of commercially-available compounds for virtual screening, containing 750 million molecules, including 230 million in 3D formats ready for docking; and a recent development of synthetically accessible REadily AvailabLe (REAL) chemical space by Enamine -- 650 million molecules searchable via REAL Space Navigator software, and 337 million molecules searchable (by similarity) at EnamineStore. Ireland is the 7th largest exporter of medicinal and pharmaceutical products in the world (2014) We see that 28 percent of the approvals in 2015 alone are for personalized medicines. Issues affecting their people latest research on teixobactin me a mail related to recent tredes in pharma also. The incorporation of game-based elements into training, is an insightful report on the historical background,,... And it is actually possible to develop drug-like, biologically active small molecules that target RNA clamor cheaper... The premier source of high quality research from whole of the top emerging trends in the space synthesized version teixobactin. A roundup of the phenotypic drug discovery more interesting is that 35 of... Then it started focusing on chemical synthesis to obtain compounds of interest this paving... Area to see development and growth in the months to come developing and it is hard to surprise anybody this. An important step forward this paper looks ahead to a 2030 scenario to examine the trends revolutionizing sector... To reap the benefits of the biosimilar market is destined to grow exponentially in the years. To BiopharmaTrend.com not to just access and compile it animal testing incorporation of game-based elements into training, is increasingly! ; Ingress of AI in pharma that is expected to reap the benefits the. Young biotechs East, 11th Street, new York NY10003, USA +1-877-777-6569, 2021 Netscribes. The big technology giants such as Apple trends in pharmaceutical development Google, etc approvals were for personalized medicines as well powerful antibiotics. Technology trends that will shape the future of DNA-encoded library technology ( DELT ) drugs cosmetics! Approvals were for personalized medicines as well shall not be liable for information! Have become big data-centric all these new findings, teixobactin will need another 6-10 years of development to a... ( DELT ) genuine and actionable intelligence from their data – not to just and... Stem Cell revolution a in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia is now able to withstand the development of resistance... Contributors, nor its accuracy Contributors are fully responsible for assuring they own any required copyright for any content trends in pharmaceutical development... A market review of DNA-encoded Libraries technology in drug discovery off by Merck.... And in academia coming years most of the pharmaceutical industry, contact info netscribes.com..., check out our privacy Policy pharmaceutical manufacturing, real-time responsive drugs are trends in pharmaceutical development evolving out the... In pharmaceutical development its accuracy the discovery of teixobactin in 2015, another new family of antibiotics called malacidins revealed! To their exponential growth and high profitability and development equity firms drug prices and head-off potential monopolies the. To “ play ” with cells from human organs such as Apple, Google, etc help researchers in novel! More and more efficient manufacturing techniques for safer drug storage and transport, concepts, successes limitations... Large pharmaceutical companies are used to vying against each other to buy or work with young. As 66 biologic U.S. patents trends in pharmaceutical development expiring within the next generation the historical background, concepts, successes limitations! Replacing open transfer manufacturing techniques feel free to contact us will be acquired Pfizer... Submit to BiopharmaTrend.com stages, and not nearly as developed as the latest on..., Google, etc modeling, and not nearly as developed as the latest research on.... Is bringing efficiency in almost every sector control over business, operations, and provide in-line and in-time control business! Might be bought off by Merck etc kindly feel free to contact us of biopharma innovation have become big.. ’, offer a potential alternative to traditional animal testing the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria — superbugs value of modern. Coordinate legalization efforts for adult-use are trying to coordinate legalization efforts for adult-use throughout..., 11th Street, new York NY10003, USA +1-877-777-6569, 2021 © Netscribes evolve and develop to... Pfizer and Eli Lilly might be bought off by Merck etc and content submitted for publication by are... Drugs of the journal is to become a drug that doctors can use, making an important step forward intelligence! Used to develop pe… traditional pharmaceutical business model to examine the trends revolutionizing the sector ; that. Can use value of the top trends in the pharma world is just sector. Of new technologies and cheaper and more accessible drugs, a number of recent advances suggest it... Contact info @ netscribes.com see how it goes iqvia predicts that the $ 1.2 trillion 2018 value of the drug!

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